Tasky 1-4 (2018)

During this project the Speckled Egg dancers were working together to find out whether using Trisha Brown’s Accumulation (1972) might be a useful framework for rethinking our ideas about dance making. This is the third and final iteration of Rachel Parry’s PhD research project.

We recently finished making our own group accumulation, Tasky 1-4, based on Brown’s original solo. We used our own movements, and decided to film this in four different places over the 12-month making period. We filmed the first phase of the piece, ‘Face 1’, with film maker Jack Lunt in Dangan Woods (Galway), We  filmed  ‘Face 2’ in the sea at Silver Strand (Co. Galway), and ‘Face 3’ at Barna Church (Co. Galway). We decided on Galway City Centre as the location for the final phase, or ‘Face’,  of the dance. We made the the piece, called Tasky 1-4, over 12 months (2017-2018), one site per season, and film maker Jack Lunt has worked with us to edit the footage to make a 20-minute film. The film shows that the piece changed in subtle ways as we performed it over the year, and as the movement settled more deeply into our bodies. No doubt it will continue to change in years to come. We’ve discussed how it might gather new elements. So the dance might be an accumulation in more ways than one…

Speckled Egg Dance Company premiered Tasky 1-4 at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and  Performance at NUI Galway on 22nd June 2018. You can see photos of the performance in our Photo Gallery.