Welcome to Speckled Egg Dance!

Speckled Egg Dance Company are nine dance artists living and working in Galway, in the West of Ireland. We work collaboratively, durationally and interdependently to make and perform our own dance works. 

We work with Rachel Parry (artistic director) to make dances which reflect our experiences of life. Artistic integrity and excellence are central to all aspects of our work. We don’t have a permanent home for our dance practice but we have worked at The O’Donoghue Centre at the University of Galway, and at Blue Teapot Theatre, and at various outdoor locations around Galway. We are particularly interested in postmodern dance approaches and often use non-narrative frameworks, chance, task devices etc to make our work. All of the Speckled Egg dancers are engaged in research into new ways of making dances (see our ‘Research’ page for more information). We take class together, choreograph our own dance works, perform regularly, and lead workshops both locally and further afield.

Speckled Egg Dance Company acknowledges the kind support of:

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