Valerie Egan

Valerie (Val) is an exceptionally skilled choreographer with a clear and considered approach to making dances. She has a contemporary dance aesthetic, both as a performerer and a choreographer. She is a skilled improviser.

Val brings a very perceptive mind to our practice at Speckled Egg; her quiet observation of everyone’s work, and her insightful feedback, contribute a great deal to the whole company’s artistic development.

Val performed her ‘Barna Pier Solo’ alongside the other company members in June 2015, and also at the UpRising Advocacy Conference in Ennis, Co. Clare, in October 2016. She collaborated with the other company members on ‘Tasky 1-4’ between 2017-2018, and performed the piece in June 2018. You can watch Val performing her ‘Barna Pier Solo’ here: