Home In The West (2020)

Home In The West

Six of the Speckled Egg dancers, and Rachel, were invited into Paddy and Nora’s family home in Galway’s West End. Over several months we shared life experiences, exchanged knowledge, settled in together. Together we made an intimate, live dance performance that explored what it means to be welcomed into someone else’s home. Moving from room to room, and all of the spaces in-between, the dancers made themselves at home. Five dances in five spaces, each choreographed as a collaboration between the Speckled Egg Dance Company dancers and the host family. 

Home in The West was due to be performed in May 2020 as part of Blue Teapot Theatre’s Crossing The Line festival (Galway 2020). The festival was cancelled in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s David McAnena during a rehearsal for Home in The West

Robbie Gill wanted to make a solo in Paddy and Nora’s kitchen as part of the Home in The West show. He had an idea to make his body into the design shapes he found in the kitchen furniture. In this photo he is improvising; following the triangular design of the kitchen cupboards with his triangle-making legs.